Identifying the Value of Nonprofit Customer Experience

ARTICLE – A need to propel change is just the beginning.

Deep down, nonprofits begin from the same place: a need to propel change. As organizations grow, the mission is seemingly the primary driver behind recruiting support. However, don’t assume the mission alone will sustain that connection — organizations should never lose sight of how they interact with supporters.

Though nonprofits tend to speak less about branding than for-profits do, they’re still bound by branding rules. Regrettably, many nonprofits don’t lean on customer experience to enrich their brands — and it’s costing them. According to The Chronicle of Philanthropy, less than a quarter of American households invest disposable income in charitable giving, proof that philanthropic instincts seem to be shrinking with each generation.

Big corporations and nonprofits are in the same boat: Neither can afford to neglect customers. Just look at how the #DeleteFacebook movement affected the social media platform membership in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica incident: A study revealed that the number of Canadian members dropped 175 percent in one month. In the same time period, users in the United States and United Kingdom dipped by 132 and 101 percent, respectively, proving that negative interactions turn off customers in droves.

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