Clarify Your Mission With Journey Mapping

ARTICLE – For nonprofits struggling with the complexity of trying to understand stakeholders and be “all things to all people,” customer journey mapping creates an elevated customer experience to ensure a better connection with customers.

Managing a nonprofit is complex, and no one who has ever tried it would argue this point. After all, the population you serve is broad. You start with your target audience, or the people who directly benefit from your driving vision, but there’s a slew of stakeholders to consider as well — and they vary depending on the mission and structure of the organization.

From funders and members to volunteers and communities to government agents and even employees, each segment of this complicated landscape will likely have competing interests. And when you’re pulled in too many directions, it’s easy for your message to become inconsistent, your priorities to become jumbled, and your overall experience to suffer. The result? Frustrated teams and a fragmented experience.

To correct this, it’s vital to understand what each segment of your population wants, along with their motivations. One of the most powerful solutions to this is truly understanding your customers’ journey.

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