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Mr. Ryan Gross brings his passion for technology, problem-solving, and team-building together to advise clients and build quality solutions across industries. He is a generalist, building solutions ranging from native mobile apps to enterprise web applications, public APIs, and cloud data platforms. Most recently, he has focused on advising enterprises on the journey to building an enterprise advanced analytics capability and leading an implementation project to enable this capability at a Fortune 100 company. Prior to that, he has focused on how the cloud enables new application delivery mechanisms, developing and applying a Continuous Experimentation development approach to build a cloud-native IOT data ingestion and processing platform. Prior to that, Ryan was the Program Manager for an enterprise operations system overhaul, reporting directly to the CIO. Ryan strongly believes in a virtuous cycle of technology enabling process and team efficiency to build improved technology.

What Does It Really Mean to Operationalize a Predictive Model?

It is not enough to just stand up a web service that can make predictions.